Academic Leadership Retreat
Dr. Greg Handel, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, and the Council of Academic Leaders held their Academic Leadership Retreat on Tuesday.

The goal of the retreat was to gain perspective on the academic year and to share in a dialogue about how we can continue to move forward with our academic mission, maintain and improve academic integrity in our programs, responsiveness to our students, and discuss any issues and challenges that we faced during the year.

This year, it was introduced as a secondary objective to hear presentations about the upcoming academic year and the challenges it will present. Van Erikson delivered data on our incoming Freshman class, our overall enrollment picture, and where we will focus our recruiting and retention efforts in the upcoming year. Cole Gentry presented a preview of NSU’s enhanced website and sought input on how we offer and market academics through our digital gateway.

Following the presentations, School Directors and Department Heads met with their Academic Deans to discuss logistics for the upcoming year. The retreat ended with a wrap-up of the day’s activities and dialogue about the continued development of a culture of academic rigor and integrity, responsiveness to students and our university community, and continued development of the Center for Faculty Excellence.

Louisiana Boys and Girls State
It is an honor to host Louisiana Boys and Girls State on campus every year. Louisiana Boys and Girls State is the premier leadership development program for young men and women in the state of Louisiana. It also serves as a considerable recruiting tool for the university.

I would like to recognize Alan Pasch, Donna Motter, Patrick Korn, Shaq Broussard, Campus Living Villages, and all faculty and staff in facilities and spaces for their continual support and dedication to Louisiana Boys and Girls State. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Summer Sessions
The first 4-Week Summer 2022 session ends today. I look forward to the start of the second 4-Week Summer 2022 session on July 5, 2022.

Independence Day Holiday
The university will be closed on Monday for Independence Day. As we celebrate the 4th of July weekend, let us recommit ourselves to the founding principles of liberty, equality, and opportunity – core values that make America the greatest nation in the world.

4th of July

Dr. Marcus D. Jones
Northwestern State University