Capital Outlay Projects
In addition to major capital outlay and construction projects, numerous repairs, enhancements, and upgrades are continuing across campus.

Contractors are on site today installing rumble strips and striping on roads that were overlaid during the summer.  The three-way stop near our student apartments is being renovated and updated.

Heavy rains have damaged some roads and areas around facilities such as the 7 Oaks Stage, and those repairs are under way. We are also completing bid documents to replace an elevator at Kyser Hall, which has long been needed.

There is a new artificial turf in Turpin Stadium, the courts in Prather Coliseum have been completely refinished, there is a new soccer field with improved drainage and other enhancements.

We are in the process of not only developing modern new facilities, such as the expansion and renovation of the academic center and fieldhouse, but also vastly improving existing sites and facilities.

Swipe Out Hunger
Swipe Out Hunger is a non-profit organization that combats college student hunger by providing free meal swipes to students who require food assistance on campus. Through an online, self-nominating form, students can apply for 14 free meal swipes from the Meal Swipe Bank that will be loaded onto their student ID card to be used at any eligible Sodexo dining facility. Last year (2021-2022), we awarded a total of 1,610 meal swipes and 736 were utilized.

If you have any questions, regarding the Swipe Out Hunger Campaign, please do not hesitate to contact Lindsey Vascocu at

Available Resources for Students
NSU proudly provides resources for students in times of need, such as academic or personal counseling, financial assistance, tutoring services, food bank, recreational facilities, and programs for emotional disruption. There are also opportunities for involvement in numerous activities, organizations, and events.

NSU Alumni and NSU Foundation Board Meeting
Today, I participated in engaging conversations with the NSU Alumni and Foundation Boards regarding enrollment, recruitment, retention, and fundraising efforts. I am grateful to the board members for their time, insight, and leadership in making NSU a springboard for career readiness for our students.

Dr. Marcus D. Jones
Northwestern State University