Northwestern Demon Regiment

Because no military ceremony is complete without a reception and a saber-whacked cake!

Supporting the nation’s leaders of tomorrow!

One of the goals of the Northwestern Demon Regiment (NDR) is to raise funds to help support NSU’s Department of Military Science and Cadet activities. Several years ago, our “60 for 60” campaign funded an Endowed Professorship that has:

  • Covered the cost of the annual Battlefield Staff Ride for the MS IV class
  • Refurbished the cannons fired during Demon football games – and purchased the ammunition
  • Offset the cost of the annual Military Ball for struggling Cadets

Among other activities, tax-deductible donations to the NDR also assist with:

Tailgating:  providing food and drink at all home football games for Cadets, cadre, alumni, and friends of the Battalion (please join us!).

Summer Orientation:  meals for the three-day session where new Cadets are welcomed to the program.  Uniforms are issued, paperwork is completed, mentors are assigned, and a campus scavenger hunt gets competitive (we also assist with prizes for the winners!).

Awards and Commissioning Celebrations:  fall and spring receptions complete with cake and punch

Thank you very much for your generous support!

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