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Why I Love Northwestern…

NSU has given me so many opportunities to make life-long friends, grow as a leader, and has truly prepared me for my future after school!

Jessica Mullican

I love NSU because of the opportunities that are offered and the friendships that are made day in and day out.

Hunter Rabalais

NSU not only provides students with a home away from home, but also gives them the opportunity to strive to reach their full potential through their college experience!

Grace Gosserand

I love NSU because I was born and raised in Natchitoches and it has always been a dream of mine to be a Demon. The faculty and staff here are dedicated to one goal and are always willing to lend a helping hand. I wanted to continue my family’s legacy in attending Northwestern State. I am a second generation Demon and can’t wait to tell my children about my experiences in attending this premier university. I wanted to share the same Purple Pride that my mom, aunts, and cousins have shared.

Luke Lucky

I love NSU because of the opportunities it has given me; the opportunity to come out of my shell and become the leader I never knew I could be, to grow as a person. To be a part of the Demon Family is like no other.

Myranda Degraw

I love Northwestern because at this university you are you are challenged and pushed not only academically but pushed to become a better leader, a better friend, a better worker and an all-around better you. Not every college gives you the opportunity to excel in something other than your degree, but Northwestern gives you the option to be involved in so many ways on campus. But my number one reason why I love my university is that no matter if you are 3 hours away from NSU or 3 states, seeing someone sporting Northwestern apparel requires an exchange of the “Fork ’em” sign bringing a feeling of being a part of a tradition and a Demon Family.

Mallory McConathy

Northwestern state university is my home and as a fourth generation demon I bleed purple and white. Northwestern has a nurturing body of faculty and staff that care for each student and their academic needs. The servers heart that NSU in stills in its student body is inspiring. This university challenges you to serve the community and become unique on campus and eventually throughout the world.

Faith Stanfield

Northwestern State University is a place that I am extremely proud to call my home. I have made a true effort to make the most of every day throughout my collegiate career. In doing so, I have been presented with many opportunities, and I have truly surprised myself by how easy it was to step outside of my comfort zone because of the phenomenal people who encouraged me along the way. I have met mentors, professors, presidents, and most importantly, lifelong friends that have made such a difference in how I see my future, my relationships, and myself. Had it not been for the welcoming environment at NSU, I would not have had the confidence to lead as a president of Tri Sigma, be chosen as Greek Woman of the Year, be a member on the President’s List, or any of the other things I am so proud of myself for. But of all these things, I am most proud of the decision I made to become a demon and surround myself with people who are now dedicated to helping me achieve my goals and make such great memories along the way.

Abby Hinds

I love NSU because it has become my home away from home. The close knit community supports the students and is dedicated to helping us achieve our goals!

Colby Koontz
I love NSU because I’ve never felt like a number here. The professors, the faculty, staff and especially our President Dr. Henderson always make an effort to get to know the students and help with anything that will allow us to flourish. NSU gives me the amazing opportunity to succeed academically, as a campus leader and in my own personal growth. I believe Northwestern State University is BEST at making students always feel welcomed, appreciated and at home.
Brianna Ashley

NSU is a unique university, with unique students, and faculty! The diversity of our campus is what I love most, our university allows you to become whoever you want and achieve whatever you set your mind to! The bond between students and faculty is one that can only be found at Northwestern State, the Demon family is something I’m truly proud to be a part of!

Kennedy Cullen

As I go into my senior year, I have come to love this school like no other. One of the best things about Northwestern is being apart of the Natchitoches community. When you come to school at Northwestern, you not only become a part of our demon family, but the city of Natchitoches as well. In this town, no matter where you go, you will always find friends. Whether that be working out at the WRAC, studying at the library, or going out on the town for a Saturday night.

That all being said, college is what you make it. I highly encourage you to get involved, and experience all that Northwestern, and the town of Natchitoches has to offer. Most importantly, don’t forget the main reason you are here, your education. Do these three things, and I promise you that these will be the best years of your life!

Jared Fisette

I love the family environment NSU has to offer. I felt so welcomed when I arrived at NSU; it has now become my 2nd home. The faculty and staff are so dedicated to student success that I know I will be prepared for anything and everything when I graduate.

Maria Rome
“I am so proud to be a graduate of Northwestern. I had a very positive experience as a graduate student. The teaching staff was excellent and supportive and helped prepare me for my career in teaching. I loved being a teacher and it was my lifetime work. I retired at the end of 1999, with 30 years of service. I will always cherish the opportunity that was given to me to touch the lives of hundreds of young people, and hopefully to have inspired some of them to pursue their educational goals. My heartfelt thanks to Northwestern State University. I always wish the best to such a fine institution. And, modest as it may be, I will always contribute to your fundraisers.”
Donna Amos (1978)
I really love(d) NSU because the whole staff really cares about your success. I always received one-on-one personal help from my teachers in order for me to succeed in the best possible way. NSU always had resources available and made sure every student was a name and not just a number.
Carley McCord, Miss Lady of the Bracelet 2010
“As a 1960 graduate of NSC, my years on campus were a great experience for a cajun from the bayou country. My roommate at the time was Dub Carson and we resided in the brickshack. Dub later left NSC to become a minister and we are still the best of friends. The key to NSC is that lasting friendships were formed and maintained thru the years. Just to mention a few that come to mind are Ted Roberts, Jim Tuma, Roy Fair, Larry Rice and Earl Nolan. This special year will always be remembered by this band of brothers.”
Norbert Paul Vincent
“NSU gave me a chance for a hope and a future. I did not excel in high school, but NSU helped me turn my life around. I graduated with a B.A. in Sociology and later a M.A. in Student Personnel Services. I also met my wife there, the former Vivian Carrasquillo, who also has a B.S. and M.S. in Education.”
Dana Hakes
“I attended Northwestern from 1960-1964. I have such wonderful memories of those years. I met so many people that I still keep up with and participated in so many events. I was in Sigma, Sigma, Sigma sorority where I met many of the people I still know. I also participated in Student Government for 3 years and learned much doing that. I have visited the campus several times when I returned to LA and am astounded at the many changes. NSU has really grown!”
Sandra Joyce Bullock
“My mother was the youngest of the three Williams sisters, living at 120 Amulet Street. The last thing her dad wanted was another dang girl, and he ‘never could understand why she wanted to waste her time getting an education,’ according to my Mom. But she was a determined, self-inspired and gifted lady in a time before women were appreciated for excelling. What I got out of it was a lifelong appreciation of learning, instilled by the kind of Mothers there are too few of these days.”
Skip Hill
“A wise man once said you only need 6 real friends in this world- 6 to carry you to your final resting place. In my 4 years at Northwestern I managed to meet 3 of these real friends, who will be half of the group that serve as pallbearers at my funeral. I am 61 years old, and in the 57 years outside of my stay at NSU, I have found the other 3. So, you can see that lasting friendships are made and maintained through being a student at Northwestern. Without my 3 friends I made while at Northwester, it might have taken me 57 more years to find the other three.”
Bart Stewart, Sr. (1970)

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