The Northwestern State University Foundation is committed to excellence in providing educational and cultural resources, and fostering economic development in our region. The Foundation works with former students, corporations and other supporters to match their charitable interests with the university’s priorities. Your gifts create scholarships, advance faculty endeavors, enhance student programs and fund new buildings. Gifts made to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The Northwestern State Foundation is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors. Our Federal Identification Number is 72-6021495.

Columns Fund

Contributors to the Columns Fund provide funding for many programs and projects with their annual unrestricted, tax-deductible contributions. During this time of extreme budget cuts and economic challenges, the Columns Fund is even more crucial to the continued success of Northwestern State. By contributing to the Columns Fund you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on Northwestern State’s future and make a meaningful investment in our student’s success.

Levels of the Columns Fund (given annually)
The Order of 1884 ($25,000 and above)
The Amethyst Society ($10,000 – $24,999)
The Heritage Club ($5,000 – $9,999)
The Founder’s Circle ($2,500 – $4,999)
The President’s Club ($1,000 – $2,499)
The Loyalty League ($500 – $999)
The Excellence Team ($60 – $499)


Student Scholarships

Student Scholarships

Student scholarships help provide much needed financial support for our students. While providing assistance to educational costs, you can impact a student by creating a scholarship with your own criteria.

Donate to an Existing Scholarship

The NSU Foundation houses over 350 scholarships that impacts our students in all areas. Help us continue to provide financial assistance to our students by donating to an existing scholarship.

Endowed Scholarship

A gift of $10,000 or above creates a scholarship that may be named for any individual or organization the donor chooses. Interest from the endowment is used to assist Northwestern students with tuition and expenses. Donors may establish criteria for the scholarship.

Fully Endowed Scholarship

A gift of $100,000 and above creates a substantial scholarship that may be named for any individual or organization the donor chooses. Interest from the endowment is used to assist Northwestern State students with tuition and expenses. Donors may also establish criteria for the scholarship.

Endowed Superior Graduate Student Scholarship

A gift of $60,000 is matched by $40,000 from the Louisiana Board of Regents Support Fund to create a $100,000 Endowed Scholarship for a gradate student that can be named for any individual or organization the donor chooses. Criteria for this scholarship is established by the Board of Regents.



Endowed Chair

A gift of $600,000 is matched by $400,000 from the Louisiana Board of Regents Support Fund to create a $1 million endowment. Interest generated by the endowment is used to support the work of a nationally recognized authority or scholar in a specific academic area. These scholars help attract outstanding students and enhance the academic reputation of the university.


Endowed Professorship

A gift of $80,000 is matched by $20,000 from the Board of Regents Support Fund to create a $100,000 endowment. Northwestern State faculty members can use interest generated by the endowment to conduct research, which they bring back to classrooms to enhance instruction. Endowed professorships help retain and attract excellent faculty members. These professorships can be rotated within academic colleges or departments to strengthen the entire academic program at the university.






Program support funds assist the various colleges and departments with much needed resources including travel, research, classroom technology, and facility upgrades to increase the quality of the experience at NSU. By adding to an existing fund or creating a new one, your contribution provides much needed support for faculty, staff and students at NSU.



The NSU Foundation exemplifies the importance of charitable bequests and other planned gifts, and through this foundation, the University can thank and recognize alumni and friends who create legacy gifts and lasting memorials. Alumni and friends are invited to make a planned gift to support the future of Northwestern State. The following planned gifts are open for invitation:

Charitable Bequest

This is one of the easiest planned gifts to make. While preparing your will or trust, a simple bequest provision can be included to provide future support for NSU. If you already have a will, additional wording may be easily added to establish a charitable bequest. You can contact us for sample bequest wording that can be used to make a gift to NSU through your will or trust.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust will give you and a spouse (and/or other persons) a lifetime income, after which the trust remainder becomes a gift for NSU. This planned gift arrangement entitles you to receive a current (and oftentimes significant) charitable income tax deduction, as well as a guaranteed annual pay-out.

Gift of Life Insurance

There are two ways to provide a life insurance policy:

  1. Giving all or a portion of an existing policy, or
  2. Establishing a new policy whereas the NSU Foundation is the owner and beneficiary and premiums are tax deductible.


Gift of Remainder Interest in Home or Land

Live in and use your real property for life, and donate the remainder interest as a gift. Receive a current charitable income tax deduction in the year of the gift, as well as a subsequent estate tax deduction.

Gift through a Retirement Plan Designation

With income & estate taxes being as high as 75% or more on retirement plan assets (traditional IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.), such assets are frequently being used to make deferred charitable gifts.



Memorials: A monetary gift may be made to the NSU Foundation serving to preserve remembrance of someone special to you and/or to Northwestern State. Your tax-deducible gift may be designated to Scholarships, Columns Fund, College, Department, and/or Organization.

Commemorative or Celebratory Gifts: A monetary gift may be made to the NSU Foundation serving to honor someone special to you and/or Northwestern State. Your gift can also be made to commemorative a special occasion. Your tax-deducible gift may be designated to Scholarships, Columns Fund, College, Department, and/or Organization.