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NSU Graduation Ring

What better way to show your pride for your alma mater then with a new, official NSU graduation ring! The University’s official ring is designed to embody the spirit of Northwestern State University. Students who order rings can participate in the official ring ceremony each semester. A variety of metals are also available.

The Ring

Each ring captures the uniqueness of NSU. On your official NSU ring, you will find many images that represent Northwestern State University. The Columns, the symbol of our beloved university represent the history, traditions, and permanence of this institution. The main gate which encompasses the official seal of the university, welcomes generations of students to their new home and alumni to their alma mater. You will see pine and oak displayed on the ring as well, representing the growth of each student during their years spent at NSU. Bricks symbolize Front Street and represent the deep bond between Northwestern State and the City of Natchitoches. The flaming N reminds us of the spirit that each Demon has burning within them for NSU. The beautiful crepe myrtles that cover our campus are displayed, reminding us of the natural beauty our campus holds. Lastly, the word loyalty is a reminder that we are, and forever will be, a part of Northwestern State University.