Messages from The President

Dr. Marcus D. Jones

A Message From The President – April 26, 2024

Today marks the last day of classes for both our 16-week courses and B-Term sessions. It’s a significant milestone, and I want to take a moment to congratulate you for reaching this point in the semester.

Understanding that over the upcoming weeks you will begin your final exams, it’s often said that the most rewarding views come after the hardest climbs. This period, challenging as it may be, holds numerous opportunities. To our dedicated students, faculty, and staff, I extend my wishes for success as you complete the spring semester.

In the rush of final exams and semester conclusions, it’s crucial to remember the importance of mental well-being. I encourage each of you to take moments to rest and recharge. Approaching challenges with a refreshed mind can make all the difference.

For our students, remember that NSU offers a variety of support services to aid you during this time:

Looking ahead, Freshman Connection is just around the corner. Our team of Freshman Connectors has been preparing engaging and informative sessions to welcome our new students. This event is a wonderful chance for incoming freshmen to familiarize themselves with NSU and all we have to offer.

I encourage everyone to check out the schedule for Freshman Connection and participate in welcoming our new students. Let’s continue to support each other, striving for excellence and making a positive impact both on our campus and in our community.

If you have any questions or need to discuss concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. Good luck with your final exams and thank you for your ongoing commitment to our university community.

Dr. Marcus D. Jones
Northwestern State University